The Story

In 1826 William Archer bought the property and laid out the gardens. His descendants kept the property for the next hundred years. The world famous naval architect Colin Archer was born and raised in the house.

One of his yards was situated on the property. Tollerodden had a municipal ownership between 1939 and 2000. Today, the building is owned by a foundation, Stiftelsen Tollerodden.

The hidden treasures

During the archaeological research of the building The National Conservation Authorities (NIKU) found sensational interior designs covering four centuries. Panelled ceiling decorations dating both from the 17th and 18th century along with drapery decorated wall-hangings and several other decors and wallpapers, makes the building into a tour in the history of styles. The findings represent a considerable challenge for the curators, restorers, and users.

Several of its former residents will be honoured. Colin Archer’s polar history associated to the polar vessel Fram and the world famous polar explorers, Frithjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen, will have a dedicated room in the building.

Friends of Tollerodden

The aim of the Tolleroddens Venner (Friendes of Tollerodden) is to enhance and make accessible the historic and cultural qualities of both the building and the area. Please become a member if you want to support us.  Contact us at

The Foundation Tollerodden

The foundation is the owner of the building and responsible for restoring, running, and developing Tollerodden as a land mark of cultural history in Larvik and Norway. The most important aspects of the restoring are to secure quality of the work through competence, documentation and fund raising. The project is expected to be completed in 2021.


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